Cutting Board

I’ve continued browsing for the coloring book about Pomeranians and other toy breeds. Here’s Pom #2:


Using a pencil app, here’s how blank sketch of her (we’ll call her Pomster) looks:


Now I need to find some borders of flowers and mandalas.


This section is about EIPs (editing in progress.) Like the WIP acronym used by authors, it concerns current creative activity.

Yesterday I played around with this image. I created a collage; added the Bob effect and a Device overlay; and got this. I did two separate versions so there may be a step I’ve forgotten.


The duel looks different in green, but the scheme suits the characters.

On The Hunt

Yesterday I searched Google for Star Wars pics. I have one or two projects-for-fun in mind. My hunt brought up a lot of Force Awakens, because there isn’t a coloring book for it yet (shocking!)

This pic was very popular for some reason.


These three would make a nice set.

I like this one of Rey.


I also found some lovely images of Anakin and Padme for a theme about Star Wars women.

Some cool combinations showing character linkage.

And this shot of the end of TPM came up in a Force Awakens search (odd, right?) Love that white dress.


Cutting Board

For my first post, I’ll start a series called “Cutting Board,” about the images I’m using in a current project.

The project I’m brainstorming at the moment is an adult coloring book about Pomeranians. Granted, this is completely new territory.

But the simple fact is that I adore Pom-Poms–and after looking for a coloring book dedicated to them, I found there wasn’t one! Can you believe it? Wasn’t one!

So Cutting Board image #1 = Pomeranian #1

I know I want about 15 or so Poms, a variety for different Pom lovers. This little white one caught my eye–of course later I’ll make sure images are used with permission etc. Now to just give him/her (Poms always look like girls, don’t they?) a suitable background . . .