Cutting Board

For my first post, I’ll start a series called “Cutting Board,” about the images I’m using in a current project.

The project I’m brainstorming at the moment is an adult coloring book about Pomeranians. Granted, this is completely new territory.

But the simple fact is that I adore Pom-Poms–and after looking for a coloring book dedicated to them, I found there wasn’t one! Can you believe it? Wasn’t one!

So Cutting Board image #1 = Pomeranian #1

I know I want about 15 or so Poms, a variety for different Pom lovers. This little white one caught my eye–of course later I’ll make sure images are used with permission etc. Now to just give him/her (Poms always look like girls, don’t they?) a suitable background . . .


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