Bellevere House Now Available

Bellevere Front Print DPI with Vintage Letters

Bellevere House (Vintage Jane Austen–Mansfield Park) ebook is now available for pre-order. It has been modified from the beta manuscript in several areas. Beta readers are strongly advised not to review until they have downloaded and examined the new book thoroughly, to avoid making incorrect statements. If you don’t have the time to read the new book, don’t comment publicly until you have read it. New readers may request a review copy here. Put “Review Copy Request” as the first line in the comment form. The review copy will be in PDF format.

Bellevere House will release on June 17th. A paperback is planned for a later date

3 thoughts on “Bellevere House Now Available

  1. Bahar bilgin diyor kiee;zGee:eeeel&#8230u.bu sesi ozlemisimYalniz yeni bir tur gibi geldi genelde bilim kurgular bu kadar felsefik ve derin cumleler icermezler. Konu derin olunca anlatim daha sade olur

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