My Movie and Media List

With Bellevere out of the way, I plan to get back to my series on what reviews really mean, especially since the next post will be about 4* reviews, which are some of the most complex. But first I’ll share what I’ve been reviewing myself. I’m on Amazon as BusyCat because my cat Luna has been very active in the review process. I swear she tells me what to say. 😛

In the last couple of months I’ve watched and read:

Star Wars Saga I-VI

The Force Awakens

The Pulse Effex series by Linore Burkard

Strange Magic

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

The first two Hobbit movies.

The Complete Jane Austen (2007-2009)

Anne of Avonlea (1975)

Ever After

True to You by Becky Wade

The Lost Medallion

Sheet Music for LOTR and Star Wars I-III

…and got up quite a list of reviews. Not everything, of course, if I couldn’t bring myself to express an opinion. Either that or I didn’t think speaking would be a good idea–or I didn’t have time–or something like that. For the first time in quite awhile reviewing was actually fun. But of course I should just have accepted it years ago. Cats are smarter than people.

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