Winning the Battle for the Night


Winning the Battle for the Night by Faith Blatchford.

This was an interesting book from Chosen publishers, about the importance of sleep and dreams in our lives. I liked it, but I didn’t love it because the main gist seemed to be that the purpose of sleep is to give you spiritual/prophetic dreams from God. I didn’t exactly have a problem with this, as I know many people have such dreams, and at times in my life I’ve had dreams I felt were important, but it wasn’t a topic I’m really, really interested in. The book is really well-written and organized, with thoughtful tips about how to remove distractions to sleep, like turning off your phone; the physical value of sleep on the body’s organism; fear of the dark in children and adults; and dealing with our children’s dreams or nightmares. There was also a list of Biblical persons with important dreams, and even more modern ones, such as Abraham Lincoln dreaming of his assassination or a woman dreaming about 9/11 before it occurred. These little factoids made the book worth picking up, but there was so much emphasis on the prophetic dreams aspect of the Bible that if you don’t plan on having any (or are one of those people who don’t get them very often) you’ll find this book just fair overall.

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