Interview of Me and More

I’ve got a couple of little tidbits today. First, the VJA blog tour is underway and Deborah O’Carroll at Road of a Writer has done an interview of me. To see it, read mini-reviews of the book series, and enter the contest giveaway, click here. Check out for a complete list of the blog stops and all reviews and interviews for the collection during the tour.

My first book, The Birthday Present/Millhaven Castle is back in print and there’s a companion Kindle ebook at last. (It took about a decade for this item to come to Kindle.) It’s not yet linked with the paperback, but the ebook is here. I’ve also tried to tidy up a few loose ends (publishing this, linking this, unpublishing that, etc) and general author housekeeping.

And while I putter away at things, the girl with the icy green eyes, who likes to work on cars, says Hi, I’m Lexie.  I was adopted by people who live on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know anything about my birth parents except they “had some problems.” It’s lonely here because most of my friends have gone to college and the only one still around is Petra, my best friend, who is a leprechaun-in-disguise. Which is why she is such a troublemaker. It is also why I won’t let her drive. I always want to do the driving anyway–but we really are more likely to get arrested if Petra drives because she destroys things. And Petra has hordes of relatives who live in the east of our state. 

And one day she introduces me to them. Mostly because I had to drive her to see them. I was afraid I’d get sued if she crashed into something using my car. So then I get this weird phone call for somebody else and . . . that is the start of a long day.

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