Facets of Fantasy


A bitter youth returns to his past
A lonely girl finds a forgotten kingdom
A duke’s daughter is embroiled in a dangerous mystery
And in a land where evil inhabits the sea . . . the adventure begins.

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Halogen Crossing
When Karl’s brother Nathan, recently elected Governor of Medosa, accepts an invitation to a diplomatic meeting in the enemy city of Niferna, Karl assumes it will be nothing more than a boring distraction from his dreams of traveling to the North Sea in search of a legendary artifact. But when their cousin Cassandra goes missing in Niferna, Karl finds adventure just might be awaiting him after all.

Don Tachimant ran away from his high-ranking family and their military academy years ago. Hiding on the distant planet of Galreon, he lived as a criminal until a failed embassy bombing put him back in the sight of the law. Now Lord Haltyn thinks Don is the perfect tool to spy on old Tachimant. Don will have none of it. But when he does return to Jurant, he finds something no one could have thought possible.

The Amulet of Renari
Violet Vail lives a quiet life in a picturesque family mansion. She’s heard stories about the kingdom of Tsayan, but assumes they aren’t true. When her home is destroyed, she flees into the distant mountains, haunted by legends that turn out to be entirely real. The vengeful, immortal Yurukozoi have a long history with her family. And Violet finds the time has come for them to cross paths again.

Victoria: A Tale of Spain
In a land embedded in tradition, a long-dormant enemy threatens to rise. Victoria has lived her whole life shut away from the outside world in the medieval fortress of the Alcazar. She’s sure she can handle everything that comes her way–until a mysterious killer causes her older sister to disappear. When it is discovered a plot against the throne is behind the disappearance, Victoria has little time to find and save her sister.