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The Birthday Present

In a remote century ruled by a harsh race of supermen, the past does not exist. Humans are a distant memory and the only supreme rule is to reverence the Emperor. But when three bored military students meet a mysterious girl from a hidden colony of humans, they find themselves pulled into a stunning adventure that sends them on a mission to deliver a strange gift to their deathless ruler—and on the run from the fearsome Hinzetzu.

Millhaven Castle

If there’s one thing Alyce Lomlossa isn’t, it’s the princess type. She isn’t gorgeous for one thing, and she’s got some common sense for another–which won’t serve her well with Milland’s elusive, conceited ruler, Lord Timson. But when Alyce receives a mandatory summons to a court ball, given to every young woman in the country, it’s the beginning of an ordinary girl’s extraordinary adventures. A 3-chapter teaser for The Prince’s Ball.