New Horizons

The renovation is still in progress and 4 of the books have been redone. I did a lot of examination of book covers over the summer, and realized I had been choosing colors and fonts based simply on whether I thought they were pretty, NOT based on the emotive impression they give to others. So a complete overhaul was of course in order.


I’ve got 2 fantastic new covers for Facets of Fantasy and The Birthday Present/Millhaven Castle. (See above.) Facets turned out a little blue, but that’s better than green, and the black letters and silvery-gray back cover add up to the effect I wanted.

  • City of the Invaders is now in paperback as well as Kindle. It isn’t yet linked to the ebook on Amazon, but it will be soon. I’ve added chapter titles since the story felt bare without them. It has a lovely cover that’s not new, but some of you may not have seen it, so I’ve put it here.
  • There’s a new description of Ryan and Essie, since “his life will never be the same and neither will the lives of a whole lot of other people” is okay, but too vague.
  • I’m still working on Consuela—going to be a bit of effort there—and thinking about some cosmetic work to Victoria. A new cover and maybe that’s not all. It already has a new description, but I’m not sure that’s all I want to do.
  • To see any of the book details, go to the pages for each book at the top of this blog post. Ryan and Essie is in the “More Books” page.

I also paid a little more attention to genre marketing, although I feel surprisingly that’s not as important. (People really do judge books mostly by their covers as first. Probably because they like to do, at once, things they’re told never to do.) When looking at search keywords and classifications, I discovered that Amazon seems to have dropped the “YA” category. At least, I couldn’t find it although it can still be put in search keywords and is widely used online. But that wasn’t a problem.

And there will be more updates.


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