Pulse Effex



Pulse: (Book 1 in the Pulse Effex series)

This book has a pretty interesting plot—what if a disaster (a solar pulse or enemy attack) wiped out our electronics? Life would be really different and harsher really fast. We don’t know how reliant we are on these things, but if they were taken away we would suddenly realize. The story is told in alternating first person of three teen girls who record their feelings right after the disaster. Sarah was really interesting, funny but also compelling. Andrea, the sour daughter of wealthy, unloving parents, was all right, but she did just seem a “fiction” character (though her situations were sometimes exciting), and Lexi was absolutely tedious. Curious to see how it ends, but I’m reading it for Sarah.

Want a breakdown of what reviews really mean? Next week begins a brief blog series on the different star ratings and how to use them.

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